Draft Results

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Not only was it Mr. McMahon’s last night, but it was also the first ever TRI-BRANDED DRAFT. Here are the results:


King Booker

Mr. Kennedy

Bobby Lashley




Chris Benoit

To Smackdown:

Chris Masters

Ric Flair

Great Khali

Torrie Wilson

***Another ‘draft’ is set to occur this Sunday at 12 PM Noon at wwe.com



Mr. McMahon…ddd…DEAD

•June 14, 2007 • 3 Comments

That’s right: Mr. McMahon is (presumed) DEAD.

His limosine exploded after this past RAW (which just happened to be MR. MCMAHON APPRECIATION NIGHT) and he is “presumed dead”. No bodies or remains have been found in the charred limo. Fed investigators took hundreds of boxes of personal things from the Titan Tower in search of a possible suicide.

Stay tuned for more info. 


Rob Van Dam-out for good

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According to wwe.com, RVD is “Out of action indefinitely” due to his two severe concussions in a week. One was during a match on RAW, and 6 days later following the Stretcher match at One Night Stand.

Can you take a guess as to who the culprit is? Yup, Legend Killer Randy Orton. He nearly made Ric Flair his 3rd Legend Killed, but luckily he did NOT sustain a concussion.

This may sound like deja vu. The almost same issue came up about Shawn Micheals. HBK’ll be out for 6-8 months. That was set up to cover for HBK’s real issue: knee surgery. He did not actually receive that many concussions.


One Night Stand RESULTS

•June 5, 2007 • 1 Comment

Yup, One Night Stand was on last night. Here’s the results (WARNING: some may shock you)

John Cena defeated Great Khlai in a Pinfall Counts Anywhere match

Bobby Lashley defeated Vince McMahon in a Street Fight

Edge defeated Batista in a Steel Cage match

Candice Michelle defeated Melina in a pudding match

The Hardys defeated the World’s Greatest Tag Team in a ladder match

CM Punk, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer defeated New Breed in a tables match

RVD defeated Randy Orton in a stretcher match

Mark Henry defeated Kane in a lumberjack match

WWE Injury List

•May 28, 2007 • 10 Comments

Yeah, the injuries amongst the WWE are so high, they need a list.

  • HBK…multiple concussions (real: knee surgery) out until Survior Series at the latest.
  • HHH…okay, y’all pretty much KNEW about his torn quadriceps. He’ll be back for SummerSlam
  • Undertaker…torn biceps. Back in 6-8 months.
  • Gregory Helms…2 broken vertabrae in his neck. You won’t see him for at least 9 months.

And, some people have been fired by Mr. McMahon (OK, released.) in the past month.

  • Ariel (ECW)
  • (RUMORED) Rob Van Dam
  • Sabu
  • Scotty 2 Hotty
  • Nick Mitchell
  • Vito
  • Too Cold Scorpio
  • Rob Conway

WWE.com has wished all well with their releases and wishes luck with the injured.

-M 😐

Judgment Day Results

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I’ll be posting each result as it becomes available via www.wikipedia.org, but for now you can chat about your predictions. Here are some of mine. Matches that are in strikethrough I was wrong. Matches in italics I was correct. Plain text are ones that have yet to be completed.

  • John Cena v. Great Khali…Sorry, John, but I think Khali will win.
  • Bobby Lashley v. Vince and Shane McMahon with Umaga…Bobby all the way!
  • Chris Benoit v. MVP…Chris Benoit
  • Elijah Burke v. CMPunk…CM for sure
  • Edge v. Batista…the Animal, of course
  • Carlito v. Ric Flair…Ric definately
  • Randy Orton v. Shawn Micheals…I doubt Shawn can fight. Sorry! (Randy won)
  • The Hardys v. Cade & Murdoch…The Hardys


BREAKING NEWS: Undertaker Out

•May 20, 2007 • 5 Comments

The Phenom. Deadman. Taker.

Whatever you call him, he’s gonna be out of the ring for 6-8 months. His right biceps tore off the bone following his intense steel cage match, attack by Mark Henry, and defeat by Edge.

More news will come when available.