Chris, Nancy, and Chris Benoit: Dddd…

The whole McMahon stunt is over. Reality is about to hit.

Chris Benoit, wife Nancy, and son Daniel were found dead yesterday. Apparently Chris strangled Nancy on Friday night, suffocated Daniel the next morning before taking his own life in his weight room Monday morning.

WWE called Atlanta authorities in concern of his absence and unanswered phone calls. Thousands Millions of people all over the world are in a state of shock. Stay tuned for updates on this tragedy.

Check out for instant updates.

-M 😦


~ by Roxy on June 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Chris, Nancy, and Chris Benoit: Dddd…”

  1. Now is the time for you Mr. McMahan to rise above it all and get a handle on this “steroid” issue. This is coming from a fan of at least 27 years. Enough is enough! This is a HUGE tradgedy!! At the end of the day, MONEY will not bring this family back.

  2. I have been a wrestling fan for alot of years now. Probably close to 30 years, and the wrestlers have gotten bigger and bigger each year. I would bet anything that the steroids finally got to Chris. Way to go Mr. Mcmahan. You got rich on all these people and now them and there families are paying for it with there lives.

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