Rob Van Dam-out for good

According to, RVD is “Out of action indefinitely” due to his two severe concussions in a week. One was during a match on RAW, and 6 days later following the Stretcher match at One Night Stand.

Can you take a guess as to who the culprit is? Yup, Legend Killer Randy Orton. He nearly made Ric Flair his 3rd Legend Killed, but luckily he did NOT sustain a concussion.

This may sound like deja vu. The almost same issue came up about Shawn Micheals. HBK’ll be out for 6-8 months. That was set up to cover for HBK’s real issue: knee surgery. He did not actually receive that many concussions.



~ by Roxy on June 7, 2007.

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