Judgment Day Results

I’ll be posting each result as it becomes available via www.wikipedia.org, but for now you can chat about your predictions. Here are some of mine. Matches that are in strikethrough I was wrong. Matches in italics I was correct. Plain text are ones that have yet to be completed.

  • John Cena v. Great Khali…Sorry, John, but I think Khali will win.
  • Bobby Lashley v. Vince and Shane McMahon with Umaga…Bobby all the way!
  • Chris Benoit v. MVP…Chris Benoit
  • Elijah Burke v. CMPunk…CM for sure
  • Edge v. Batista…the Animal, of course
  • Carlito v. Ric Flair…Ric definately
  • Randy Orton v. Shawn Micheals…I doubt Shawn can fight. Sorry! (Randy won)
  • The Hardys v. Cade & Murdoch…The Hardys



~ by Roxy on May 21, 2007.

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