BREAKING NEWS: Undertaker Out

The Phenom. Deadman. Taker.

Whatever you call him, he’s gonna be out of the ring for 6-8 months. His right biceps tore off the bone following his intense steel cage match, attack by Mark Henry, and defeat by Edge.

More news will come when available.


~ by Roxy on May 20, 2007.

5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Undertaker Out”

  1. You know the Undertaker is the best wrestler.and he beat batista but then edge the peice of crap comes in the ring against him when he was in a cage for 20 minutes. Edge sucks

  2. edge z guddamn fucked up wit his gal victoria and i feel sory for undertaker

  3. that was gay what edge did he sucks

  4. The Undertaker is back, and has been back since 4 months after his Torn Bicep injury. It’s Time for an update!

  5. wrestling needs to improve. all my friends now stopped following it because they say its too fake. now whether a person will win or lose is obvious.Taker you are the best gon miss you.
    Egde and vicky better quit fast.

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