WrestleMania 23: The Results

***Note From M***OK, my bad. I had tons of work to do yesterday, so I couldn’t find the time to post this. I’m sorry, I know y’all have been dying to chat about the best show in sports entertainment. ***M Is Done***

Believe it or not, WrestleMania is over. Yup, just under a year until you get to enjoy another LIVE! WrestleMania.

Although, this one was an interesting one. If you watched RAW last night, you probably saw the results.


Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga ~yup, Vince is BALD! 

                                                       Vince Is BALD!

John Cena defeated HBK

ECW Originals defeated New Breed

Melina defeated Ashley

Mr. Kennedy won the MITB against Edge, CM Punk, King Booker, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Finlay and Randy Orton

Undertaker defeated Batista

Great Khali defeated Kane (Khali used Kane’s hook to choke Kane LOL-ish)

Chris Benoit defeated MVP


I’m not sure if you’ve seen on the news or anywhere, but WrestleMania 23 set the record for Ford Field in attendance: 80,103! I sure would’ve felt clausterphobic…errrrr…

Yeah, so, I guess you’d like to hear the latest news:

The Hardys are the latest WWE World Tag Team Champs. Shawn Micheals eliminated his own tag team partner, John Cena, from the second 10-team tag team match last night. Right after reassuring Cena that HBK had his back. I tell ya, I don’t think Cena should’ve trusted him in the first place. Micheals will always be a backstabber.

You can see a recap of last night’s RAW in pics here: http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/photos/3911112/

Later. ~M 🙂


~ by Roxy on April 4, 2007.

8 Responses to “WrestleMania 23: The Results”

  1. I loved it when Michaels threw him over the top rope! It’s finally time for the Heart Break Kid to turn heel, and what better time to do it than now? You can already see early signs of it, with his attitude, and the way he just threw Cena out. Now he hasn’t officially turned yet, but I want to see him pull something sly. WE is still trying to get more and more fans to cheer for Cena (Lol, them booing him in Detroit. So funny!) Shawn Michaels FTW!

    Ok, not too funny. (yes I’m a female who thinks John is hot) That was totally unfair. But hey, I’m not the ref -M

  2. Ah, a fan of Cena? I do admit, I was a fan back in the day when he first joined, I liked the whole heel gig where as he’d walk down to the run, he’d bring a microphone and spit a rap to his opponent. I was amused by that gimmick, and thought it was great. When he became a fan in 2004, I guess (?), his superstar seemed to have just gotten too far out for the fans.

    Although I just began to watch WWE in October the week after Rey’s knee…issue, I have to admit, I like John’s military style better than pics of his old style. Very sexy 🙂 -M

  3. Wow, you were really missing out on some great wrestling. It was definitely at it’s peak (at best) from 1996-April 2002. I don’t see anything topping the attitude era of Steve Austin giving Vincent Kennedy McMahon hell. I tell you, The Rock vs. Austin Wrestlemania matches were the greatest!

    *yells at myself* -M

  4. hhaha yes goldberg

  5. bgig show

  6. u suk

  7. I reckon it was proper sly wat mr mcmahon did 2 rey when umaga and him attackee him i rweckon mcmahon shud go spontaniously combust LOL ( :

  8. is the person who owns this webbie a girl

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