WrestleMania 23: The day has come

It’s hard to believe that in just a few hours, the greatest sports show ever will be on in front of 75,000 fans and millions at home.


Review of the matches that will take place:

Hair v. Hair ~ Donald Trump (Bobby Lashley) v. McMahon (Umaga)

WWE Champion title ~ John Cena v. HBK, Shawn Micheals

Money In The Bank ~ Edge, CM Punk, King Booker, Jeff Hardy, Mr Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Finlay, RKO

World Heavyweight Championship ~ Batista v. Undertaker

ECW Originals v. New Breed

WWE Women’s Championship ~ Melina v. Ashley (LumberJill Match)

Kane v. Great Khali

WWE US Championship ~ Chris Benoit v. MVP


Hopefully y’all know that WrestleMania is on at a SPECIAL START TIME: 7.00 PM and that it’s 4 hours of intense shaving, bleeding (Matt Hardy is in a ladder match), and of course, screaming.

You can post here before, during, or after the show about it. It’s LIVE!, so you can post ‘This guy just beat this guy!’ without getting yelled at. Meanwhile, get your snacks and drinks out, sit back, and get ready to watch the grandest show of all time.

Unfortunately, my funds are low, so I won’t be watching 😦 Keep me posted, if you could!

– M


~ by Roxy on April 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “WrestleMania 23: The day has come”

  1. Hiya. I like your blog! I use to be a big fan of wrestling back in the day (mostly during the “Attitude Era.”) I got back into watching it last June. It’s not the same, but eh, I still watch on. I was going to order Wrestlemania, however, my St. Louis Cardinals open their MLB season at home tonight, raising their 2006 championship banner.

  2. Unofficially from Wikipedia:
    Ric Flair & Carlito defeated Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero
    Mr. Kennedy is the MITB winner
    Great Khali defeated Kane
    Undertaker defeated Batista
    ECW Originals defeated New Breed
    ***I’m signing off for the night. More updates tomorrow.***
    Later, mc 🙂

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